Secrets of Blackjack betting

 MSecrets of Blackjack betting

Blackjack is a game primarily based on Mathematical probabilities. The primary objective is to be well aware of the basics. Without the proper implementation of the basics, one can only play and lose money into the drain. If you want to keep winning consistently, it is important that optimal strategy is utilized to the maximum.

The ways to achieve wins (basic)

  • There has to be the surprise element. The basic interest in the sport of blackjack is this element of surprise; without keeping that the game is like any other sport.
  • Rigid attention has to be paid without which one cannot understand the flow of the game.
  • On flipping a coin 100 times, streaks of heads and tails appear. These streaks make it easier to predict. Prediction is a must and you have to tail the odds to figure them out.
  • When you choose to double down, then the bet is doubled. Only one more card is received.
  • In very few casinos, the hand is surrendered.
  • Double pairs can be split.

How many Decks?

Fewer decks in the game are easier to keep track of, thus making the game friendlier for the person who makes a bet. It is like a picture that is been visualized. You must keep a general count of face cards, unless which you shall lose track of them and cannot win. Further, studying table minutely at every take is a must. Without the proper study of the table, you will not be able to figure out or predict the future bets and become restless, giving way to losses.

Sitting down has always been a table rule. You must try to be a little social with others; otherwise, you will not be aware of the baccarat strategies.

Don’t play one game, play lots of little games. Once the concept of little games sets in, the chances of risk lessen. Also, little wins give you confidence and you tend to have an idea about the game on a larger basis.

Selling blackjack systems can be very useful.

Money management is also a very useful technique. Unless there is proper money management, the game slips out of hand and it becomes impossible to get the cult. There must be a huge series of individual sessions. Unless there is a practice of individual sessions there is no space to grow.

The 10 major tricks (secrets)

  1. Whenever one wins, one must increase his/her bet by one chip.
  2. When one loses, one must play the same amount. One should not increase the bet at any cost.
  3. When one makes money, proper pocketing of wins must be done. Progression must be started again
  4. If one is down by one chip, the maximum bet that one can dart on is 2.
  5. A game that makes you hit on a soft 17 must be avoided.
  6. Continuous shuffle machines can be avoided in case one is playing in person.
  7. The increase of bets must be done when odds are a favor.
  8. Avoid using a lot of insurance.
  9. Assign values to cards
  10. The hi-lo method is a good counting system.



Like every other sport, this requires immense concentration and patience. This might seem just a flux of probability, but it’s not just that. It is a blend of risks and proper calculations that test your capacity. Studying the table properly and money management is the basic rule to win. Using a single deck of cards is beneficial. You must practice keeping a running account. Once you feel comfortable keeping the true account, you must start mimicking. The proper mobility of placing the bets is also necessary.

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