Online Casino vs Land Based Casino

Online casino vs land based casino

The Battle At Hand

Even the slickest sun-glass wearing newbie poker player knows the winner of the battle between online casino Malaysia versus a land-based one. It would be unfair to presume that both platforms do not have their monetary benefits, however, like the slow but sure demise of the newspaper business, land-based casinos have become weekend attractions and a paradise for ‘the last stand’ before you, unfortunately, tie the knot.

To be fair the following article highlights the positive aspects of both online and land-based casinos, leaving the ‘chips’ stacked in front of you to decide.

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Online Casinos

You may have a day job where you check on your chips through various poker apps and websites, playing a hand or two during your lunch breaks. Or you may be one of Asia’s top poker or blackjack players, keeping that engineering degree on standby while you enjoy watching your wealth grow rapidly. Either way since 1996, online poker sites have opened the doors to anyone with wit, logic and an internet connection to the extremely competitive world of online casinos.

One of the major plus points of online casinos is you can play from the comfort of your home. You do not have to worry about a dress code or reservations of any kind. Even your breaks can be taken at your own choosing rather than sitting for hours at a table. Online casinos generally tend to attract players with mouthwatering bonuses and sweepstakes such as free money, credits, and bonuses for introducing new players to the website. Some sites even give you free money for just creating an account with them and can be put towards buy-ins. There are measures to make sure people genuinely play with free money, like only being able to withdraw your winnings after a minimum number of hands. Poker sites and apps also offer daily rewards for returning to their game in an effort to keep players. Keep in mind you can increase your win rate exponentially while playing from anywhere, anytime and 365 days a year, wherein land casinos you may not have the same luxury.

Land Based Casinos

The main priority of land-based players and high rollers is to have fun and socialize. Although places like Hong Kong, Shen Zhen, Shanghai, Thailand and the Philippines may have strict regulations inside the casino, adults come to enjoy an evening of card games, dinner, drinks and maybe a live show associated with the casino. Although Poker Series is a serious game of mental and sometimes physical stamina, an evening at a casino in Asia is considered entertainment rather than competitive.

Land-based casinos also certain perks like free accommodation depending on how large your party is and what kind of games you have booked, free buffets where some of the world’s top chef’s prefer seeking employment because of higher pay, free show or entertainment tickets that could range anywhere from a famous singer’s concert to mind-bending magic or acrobatics. Once you enroll in a casino’s comp system, which depends on your average wager, the casino will frequently send you promotional offers as a part of their rewards program to keep you returning for more. This is very much necessary for land-based casinos since proximity is usually not on their side. Also, land-based casinos obviously mean you would be playing real human beings and the game could go slower because of a variety of human interruptions.


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